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Mission Statement

The Hovis Technical Training Center is an institution dedicated to educating paint, automotive, and heavy duty truck technicians in a state-of-the-art facility, close to home, reducing shop downtime and travel expenses.  This is where the Hovis Technical Training Centers value added proposition comes in…Hovis recognizes the critical need to provide vehicle service repair technicians, machinist, as well as paint & body professionals with comprehensive instruction, technical materials and educational programs, but understands you don’t want to travel across the country to get it, that is why Hovis brings leaders from the automotive, heavy duty, and paint & body industry to Western Pa.  The Hovis Technical Center brings together the industries best trainers, most innovative products, and impressive training resources, to maintain, develop, and increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance necessary for a shop owner and service technician to successfully serve their employer/employee, clients, public, and the automotive industry.