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Continuous Learning Curriculum
Hovis Technical Training Center has developed an educational curriculum that will bring together leaders in the automotive, heavy duty, and paint & body industry to train on the latest technology, techniques, and applications in their specific field.  These certified trainers from DuPont, Akzo Nobel/Sikkens, 3M, Delphi, Federal Mogul, Abex, etc. will bring their expertise and industry knowledge to the Hovis Technical Training Center in a streamlined curriculum that allows technicians to choose the courses that best suit them.  And by offering morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes tech’s can attend when it is most convenient.

In addition to offering technical training the Hovis Technical Training Center will also offer technicians, mangers, and owners the opportunity to participate in best business practice education to maximize traffic to their shops, improve return visit rates, and increase their bottom line through superior service.


Hands-On Experience

The Hovis Technical Training Center is a practical learning environment utilizing a blend of classroom education and hands-on instruction.  With every course, techs receive an ideal learning experience by performing body repair, diagnostics, and mechanical repair.  When you complete one of our course offerings, you will have the most up-to-date technical knowledge in the industry.


State-of-the-Art Training Facility
Our hands-on instruction offers real-world problem solving with a fully equipped body shop boasting two mixing rooms, prep deck, and paint booth, heavy duty truck jacks and equipment, multiple automotive training bays, alignment equipment, and system diagnostic tools.  This full range of training resources provides the ideal setting for the most up-to-date educational programs in the industry.